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Hybrid version (in-person & online)
15- 16 December 2022. Podgorica

University “Mediterranean” Podgorica, Faculty of Visual Arts in partnership with the Center for Contemporary Arts Montenegro is organizing an International Conference on The role of art in international relations with the aim of researching new models of communication in the field of Cultural Diplomacy and analyzing the role of art in creating a better and more successful modern society.

Conference Goals:

The participation and importance of Art in International Relations can be followed through the development of Cultural Diplomacy, which today is difficult to define, especially due to the changes that occurred at the end of XX and the beginning of XXI century under the influence of globalization and the development of the digital world. Once used as a "soft power" tool, Cultural Diplomacy acquired new meanings and interpretations, but always implied an important role in the international agenda of one`s country. However, the role of Art in the international communication arena as a unique platform for international dialogue is being more and more recognized. A wide variety of mediums of art provide opportunities for progress and therefore can facilitate the initiation of dialogue, the sharing of knowledge and ideas, and the raising of cultural awareness and promoting peace and stability. Considering that the world has entered the last decade of the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, the need to analyze the state of culture on a global scale invites the professional public to think more intensively about the importance of art in contemporary social systems and international relations. Therefore, the International Conference will be used as a platform for bringing a diverse and interdisciplinary mix of international speakers, artists, experts, and practitioners to discuss the contemporary uses of art as Cultural Diplomacy.

The role of artistic expression and artistic results in the promotion of the country's culture

The use of art in the promotion of peace and stability in accordance with the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030

Small countries Vs. big: soft power in modern times

Rethinking culture through historical context: art in times of crisis

The Conference will be held in English and Montenegrin.