Required Documentation


The candidates who have completed a three-year or a four-year secondary education are
eligible to apply for admission.

The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

 • Secondary school transcripts for all previously completed grades
   of secondary school
 • Diploma of Completion of the Final Exam
 • Birth Certificate
 • Diploma "Luča" or its equivalent

Students who are exempt from tuition fees:

  • Holders of diploma "Luča A" or ''Luča B'' for their first year of studies, and the most successful students receive
    annual University scholarships.
  • Top athletes (the Ministry of Sport Rules for Top Sportsmen)
  • People with disabilities according to the suggestion of the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro (AYDM) 


A student whose family member is already studying at undergraduate or postgraduate (specialist) studies at one of the faculties of the University 'Mediterranean', the tuition fee is reduced by 30%, which means that one of the students gets this right depending on their mutual agreement. For each next member of the close family tuition fee is free.