The Faculty of visual arts of Mediterranean University was founded in 2006 as the first private arts faculty in Montenegro. The faculty has been licenced by the Ministry of Education of Montenegro, and since it's inception it was twice successfully (2008. and 2013.) re-accredated in accordance with national regulations. The quality of the study programs has been affected by the fact that it has been recognized by the Government of Montenegro as a programs of public interest in 2013. and 2018.

The Faculty was highly rated by the European University Association who realized the process of external institutional evaluation at this high-education institution. Faculty of Visual Arts is a place of art competition in numerous areas of creative industries: graphic design, illustration, photography, scenes and interior design, digital arts and animation, video and present medias, fine arts and design of sound. During the two study cycles (basic BA and postgraduate MA) students have the opportunity to collect new knowledge and skills in the field of classical and contemporary artistic disciplines.

Curriculums and programs that actually represent a symbiosis of art, science, IT technology and other scientific and artistic disciplines are in line with the latest international trends, as well as the needs of the modern labor market. Our students come up with representative portfolios which provides them opportunities in creative industries. Thanks to the internationally recognized diplomas, our students spend one semester abroad (Great Britain, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, USA, etc.). In addition, students already have different international mobility programs in the course of their studies and since 2016. they have been exchanging via Erasmus network with a full amount of scholarships and travel costs.

During the previous academic year, a dozen of our students spent one semester at one of the most prestigious European art academies. The Faculty of Visual Arts is the first college in Montenegro, with the degree of so-called learning outcomes of the European education, who introduced curriculum practice, who introduced the concept of service studies, and as a initiator of the first professional high school qualification in the field of art- land art/artist.

Faculty of Visual Arts was founded and created by young, talented and creative people who poured their expertise, knowledge, talent and experience in curriculum, and in teaching plans poured their energy, creativity and never-ending love, not just towards the art, but towards the teaching call which makes us the best art faculty in Montenegro for many years back. Being proud on that fact, we recommend you from our heart to enroll the Faculty of Visual Arts.