The final exhibition within the Faculty of Visual Arts Day opened on Monday, July 1st at 8pm in the Concept Gallery. The third year GIZMO 3D Design Exhibition is another confirmation of the artistic breadth and versatility of FVU students and their intermedia and interdisciplinary approach to design and art.

The exhibition consists of works by Angela Vujicic, Anastasia Kankaras, Ana Joksovic, Ksenija Todorovic, Elvedin Kolar and Jaksa Janjic, who were mentored by prof. Dina Karaila, MSc. The student-authors are expanding the field of multimedia activity in the field of 3D design and creatively and boldly use new tools in the construction of authentic artistic expressions. The exhibition is a sublimate of the author's distinct visions, emphasizing the complexity of different views on design and art in general.
The FVU exhibitions series at the Concept Gallery in Karadjordjeva Street No.13 (in addition to the new Government building) have been exhibited by students: Blanka Marković, Anđela Vujičić, Dimitrije Benić, Denis Nogović, Ognjen Ćirović, Radovan Terzić, and a group typography exhibition has been organized eleven FVU students.
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