The painting of the murals in the Bar by the “Kunstler” Art Group, consisting of professor at the Faculty of Visual Arts Design, Danijela (Nela) Darmanović Mahmutović and final year students of the Faculty of Visual Arts Design, Angela Mršulja and Marija Raketić, has been completed.

The conceptual design idea is one of the three best selected solutions in the Competition for the creation of murals on the theme "I for Europe, Europe for me", announced by the General Secretariat of the Government - Public Information Sector on the EU and the EU accession process.

The competition was implemented in accordance with the Strategy of public information on Montenegro's accession to the EU 2019-2022, within the framework of the EU4ME project, funded by the EU, and implemented by UNDP. Podgorica, Bar and Bijelo Polje will soon begin painting murals dedicated to Montenegro's ties with the European Union.

The mural, painted by the artists in Bar, is a response to the mural "Just Seeing Your Heart" by artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ricardo Druskic, who was introduced in Brussels in April and dedicated to the Western Balkans-EU ties.

The mural from Brussels served as the inspiration for the idea that Montenegro would be the first Western Balkan country to respond by painting murals in its three cities. The Murals will present a part of Montenegro's social, historical and cultural wealth and send a message to the citizens of the European Union that Montenegro has always been part of Europe historically, culturally and geographically.