An exhibition of photographs by FVU specialist student, Nemanja Marić, entitled "Reduction" will be inaugurated at the CentreVille Hotel & Experiences Gallery on December 20 at 7 pm.

Nemanja Marić was born in 1993 in Bijelo Polje. He studied at the Faculty of Economics until 2015, when he enrolled at the Faculty of Visual Arts in Podgorica. He is currently in master studies at FVU, where he studies photography and new media.
As a student he participated in several group exhibitions. In the last academic year, he studied at the Department of Photography in Bratislava, Slovakia for one semester.

A series of photographs on the subject of “shrinking” are inspired by the general human weakness to remember and locate a particular object in the moment. Since no one is immune to this phenomenon and it is common for memories to function on the principle of photographs, this has defined the medium of expression. As we get closer to dealing with the situation we are in, the importance of the subject decreases until the final, very irrelevant, everyday object. This process happens at high speed, and even the smallest information and detail can be crucial. The photos are concentrated on details and frames that remain memorable - the artist points out.

The exhibition will be open to the public every day from December 20 to January 10, 2020, in the gallery, on the first floor of the CentreVille Hotel in Podgorica.


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