Dear students, before us is the winter semester ak.2020 / 21. years, which we start at a moment full of challenges, not to use any other more pessimistic expression.

It is very important that you read this letter to the end and with understanding, because it contains all the important information you need to orient yourself at the beginning and during the winter semester.

Beginning of classes
Classes start according to the changed academic calendar for 2020/21, ie. on Monday, September 28, and ends on December 31, 2020. Details are in the calendar.

Teaching and schedule (s)
Pursuant to the NKT measures, classes will be conducted in combination, in two ways:
in the premises of FVU ("L" - live), and
remotely online ("O" - online),
and in accordance with the plans and dynamics of work on individual subjects. Unlike previous years, this winter semester we will not have a single schedule that will apply equally from the beginning to the end of the semester.

Groups are generally formed as needed depending on the situation on the case. Group 1 (G1) consists of students with an odd index number, and Group 2 (G2) consists of students with an even index number.

Schedule for the first week of classes (September 28 - October 2) - attached
The first week will be performed exclusively live, through initial sessions with subject teachers, who will introduce you to the subjects (content, goals, outcomes, mode of operation, exam and pre-exam obligations, ...). It is the best possible opportunity to clarify everything related to a given subject.

Schedule for II, III, IV, V and VI week of classes (October 5 - Nov. 6) - attached to the DRAFT
The next five weeks (until the first colloquium) will be performed alternately (L and O), as determined by the subject teacher.
Classes will be held in classrooms / studios, in groups according to the number of years, with several breaks between morning and afternoon blocks to maintain room hygiene.
Teaching O will be conducted over the Internet, via the free Zoom application (unless the teacher determines otherwise). It is recommended to attend classes via a computer, and not via smaller smart devices, which will again be additionally edited by the subject teacher.
The plan for changing L and O classes is attached to this e-mail, and on that basis, a schedule with exact determinants (day, time, place, teacher) will be arranged by the end of the week.

House rules and NKT discipline
I believe that I do not have to refer you to the house rules, because it is known to every adult, educated person. Smoking is prohibited in the FVU premises.
What is especially important at this moment are the NKT measures, which are designed with the intention of reducing the risk of spreading the infection, and the final limitation of work and success in the winter semester:

1. Mask / Hands / Distance
The mask is a necessary hassle that does not reduce the flow of oxygen, but therefore drastically reduces the spread of bacilli. Not having a mask unjustifiably removes you from L hours. If you can't wear a mask for a good reason, get a visor.
At FVU, we know very well what individual, not to say intimate work with a student is, and he is unavoidable in the teaching process. However, we are all obliged to maintain physical and social distance in order to prevent the spread (no hugging, kissing, shaking hands, boxing and similar expressions of social coexistence).

2. Marko Miljanov
Chivalry is when you keep others away from you. Don't forget that you are many times younger than the risk group of people you come in contact with on college, on the street and at home. Be disciplined because of them - be a man by the standard of Marko Miljanov.

3. Own hygiene products
I warmly recommend having your own hygiene products (for dry hand washing, wipes, ...)

A plan like any plan is a look into the future. Therefore, it is certain that the plan will adapt to the changes and be prepared for any change in it - the first change can happen as early as 5 minutes after sending this notice.

Official advertising of information ("bulletin board")
The official channel of communication between students, administration and all parties involved is e-mail. FVU publishes most important information on the site and social networks, but you get information regarding studies and teaching via your @ address. The only guarantee that you will receive all the necessary and timely information is to follow the incoming mail at your address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can find the schedule for the first week HERE.

You can find the schedule for the other 5 weeks HERE.

Dean of the FVU
Prof. Nikola Latković, M.Sc.