Within the first Erasmus + exchange program with Bratislava the Faculty of Visual Arts (FVA) hosted the professor of University College of Fine Arts of Bratislava (vsvu.sk), doc. dr Marcel Bencik, ArtD, graphic designer of the younger generation.

Hosting of doc. dr Benčík came as a result of a joint application of the FVA and VŠVU Bratislava for innovated mobility program ERASMUS + and represents its initiation. The program will continue in this and the next academic year via the mutual exchange of students and university staff. By the end of the first cycle of exchange, FVA in Podgorica will send a total of three students for one-semester of studies and two professors, but will also host one professor and one student from Bratislava.
During his one week stay Marcel Bencík will deliver several lectures, presentations and two-day workshop with the students. It will be an opportunity for stakeholders to get information about the Bratislava Academy and its 13 departments in all three study cycles (BArt, MArt i ArtD). Doc. dr Benčík will then present his access dissertation-Conflict of graphic design and art along with presentation of his leading projects in the field of art, design and architecture (Kultupark, Kosice, XI Biennale of Architecture, Venice,...).
The other two days are reserved for the workshop with the students of FVA, to whom several students of related Montenegrin faculties will join. Doc. dr Bencík will try along with the students to give an answer to the question- what a graphic designer can offer to the local community, that is what are his/her possibilities and responsibilities in the design of public space. In fact, in recent times interdisciplinary graphic designers are invited to react to space, leave a communicative and easy to read message/ Today’s designers are able to work in different proportions, materials and technologies, and therefore may have an impact on public space and urban structure of the city and state. Through several steps of work in the classroom and on the field, the workshop will result in concrete solutions of students -authentic reaction to the situation in the public area of Podgorica - collected in a publication.
This is also an opportunity for the administration of the Faculty of Visual Arts to expand the possibilities of using ERASMUS + program for innovation of existing study programs, networking with schools of program countries in order to create a joint master's studies (joint master). Meeting with doc. dr Benčík, one of the first doctors of art of this kind is also an opportunity for expansion of studies on the third (doctoral) cycle.