Last night, in the new building of the University Mediterranean exhibition of works of students with disabilities was opened, which is a result of the project "From education to employment - Trans2Work". This project is funded by the Employment Agency of Montenegro, and implemented by the Association of Youth with Disabilities in cooperation with the University Mediterranean.

While opening the exhibition, prof. mr. Nikola Simanić reminded that during the four month training, participants attended eight modules in the field of visual art, and students had their mentors for a period of two months during which the professors of the Faculty of Visual Arts worked with the candidates on specific art projects.
"This project, as well as those which we intend to implement are aimed not only towards raising awareness of the population on the situation of people with disabilities, but also towards identifying and resolving key problems that these people face," Professor Simanić concluded.
Marina Vujacic, the Executive Director of the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro, said that it was difficult to deal with the causes in a society where the consequences have already caused huge degree of exclusion of people with disabilities.
"Often, as a justification for the current situation we can hear the argument that employers are not willing to employ people with disabilities and that they do not want them in their teams. We believe that the causes are much deeper and are most often caused by a lack of support for people with disabilities during the process of socialization and education. The goal of this project was to act in this direction, " Vujacic said, recalling that their intention was to enable students to acquire knowledge, experience and receive quality training and practice what they got thanks to the dedication of professors of the Faculty of Visual Arts.
The exhibition will be opened until 28 October.  Works will also be exposed at the” KIC Budo Tomovic” the day before on the occasion of celebrating 15th anniversary of the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro.