At the Faculty of Visual Arts of the University Mediterranean, training for students with disabilities has been organized in previous six months in the field of visual communication.

The training was organized in cooperation with the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro in the framework of the project "From education to employment - Trans2Work" funded by the Employment Agency of Montenegro.
During the four month training, participants attended eight modules in the field of visual arts. Students had a mentor for a period of two months during which professors of the Faculty of Visual Art worked on specific art projects with the candidates. The project participants will gain practical knowledge, social skills and competencies that will enable them to better respond to the challenges and needs of the modern labor market.
This is just one of many projects that the University Mediterranean is implementing with the Association of Youth with Disabilities. The project aims to raise public awareness of the situation of persons with disabilities and identify key problems that they face in order to improve their position in society and greater employability in the labor market.