Dear students, My name is Saša, I am a consultant working for The Right Street Digital and would like to share an exciting opportunity for your students today:

The Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age. It is a one-week programme that aims to equip participants with the skills needed to lead and shape our future. I hope you will share the details with your students and encourage them to submit an application before the deadline of March 15th

The School has been established by the European Leadership Academy with the goal of empowering the next generation of women leaders to play their part in shaping the Digital Age. This year’s Summer School will take place in Spain, from 25-30th June, 2023.

During this 6-day programme, for which students will receive a bursary covering all travel and expenses, participants will:

explore the meaning and value of sustainable leadership with the help of world-class leaders,

learn from internationally renowned business mentors who will inspire them to face new challenges,

understand the importance of technology in an increasingly interconnected world,

develop teamwork skills during collaborative projects,

practice public communication techniques that will increase their self-confidence,

enjoy time exploring Spain: its culture, cuisine, art, music and technology scene.

Previous Schools programmes (Summer Schools in Lisbon and Prague and a Winter School in Nice) provided students with a host of opportunities to network and advance their careers. This programme offers 29 young women – one from each EU Member State and one from both the Western Balkans 6 and Ukraine - the opportunity to learn from the best in the field and to receive support and guidance on their journey to becoming the next generation of leaders.

You will find all relevant information at the official website:

I am looking forward to seeing your students join other #NextGenChangeMakers this June in Spain.

Best regards,

Saša Burić
Marketing Consultant