Entrance exam

The entrance exam is taken by all candidates. The entrance examination includes assessment of knowledge, skills and
aptitudes for visual arts or production and consists of a general knowledge test, a practical test and an interview.
The exam takes place before the three-member examination board of the Faculty. 

Expected qualifications

Candidates are expected to demonstrate the quality which includes their creativity and their ability to express
themselves visually and conceptually in a dynamic and convincing way. They are expected to show the capacity for
analytical thinking and original and intelligent problem solving. We appreciate enthusiasm, innovative spirit and
confidence as well as selfcriticism. It is very important for candidates to show good communication skills.

Presentation folder

Presentation folder is a selection of creative works whose purpose is to demonstrate candidates’ abilities to visually
express their sensibilities, originality and creativity. The folder includes a collection of original works: drawings,
illustrations and graphic works in the techniques of their free choice (from classical to electronic), photos, videos and
the like. By inspecting the presentation folders the appointed examination board gets a better insight into the
talent and aptitude of the candidates who sit for the entrance exam.

Practical / Oral test

Practical / oral test is the most important part of the entrance examination.It consists of a topic, given by the
examination board, which the candidates, depending on their affinities, must address in the form of drawings,
paintings, photographs, video footage etc. This is, in fact, the way the
candidate confirms his/her talent and the authenticity of the works submitted during the application for admission.


The examination board interviews the candidates with the aim of getting more information about the candidates’
personalities. The questions are directed towards discovering their visual perception, checking their level of cultural
knowledge and the like. This helps them get a general picture of how the applicants know the world of culture and art
and what their intellectual and communication skills are.Upon completion of the interview, the board evaluates the
candidates. The final ranking of the candidates is formed on the basis of the evaluation.The Faculty organizes
two-semester postgraduate studies for the following study programmes:
• Design of Visual Communications
• Audiovisual Production