We have the great pleasure of announcing the 2nd international conference organized by the Faculty of Visual Arts, University Mediterranean Podgorica. This year's topic  - Art as a Reflection of Society: Role of Art in Shaping Culture and Sparking Social Change (ARS-UM 23) was selected with the aim of analyzing the role of Art in creating a better and more prosperous society. In cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Podgorica, the conference shall be held in person and online on the 5th and 6th of December 2023. 

The main languages of the conference are Montenegrin, English, and Italian. The presentation of works and projects at the conference will be done in the language in which the abstract was submitted


5-6 December 2023. Podgorica

Montenegrin (Serb/BH/Cro) English & Italian language/hybrid: live and online

Conference Goals:

Art has always reflected the cultural, political, and social reality of the time in which it was created. Whether it captures the struggles of marginalized communities, exposes social injustices, or highlights political unrest, art becomes a mirror through which society can reflect and face its challenges. Throughout history, artistic movements have challenged conventional notions, provoking new perspectives and inviting dialogue, thereby serving as a catalyst for social change, pushing boundaries, and questioning social norms. By presenting alternative narratives and challenging deeply held beliefs, art has always inspired individuals to question existing systems and advocate for a fairer and more just society. Given that art overcomes cultural and language barriers, encourages understanding and empathy between different communities, and serves as a universal language, this international conference will bring together a large number of local and foreign artists, researchers, experts, and specialists in order to create a space for shared experiences, different perspectives, nurturing tolerance, acceptance, and appreciation of diversity.

Conference Topics:

  • The influence of Art on shaping today’s society: Art as a vehicle for social change
  • Cultural democracy: different perspectives in cultivating tolerance and appreciating diversity
  • Cultural memory: Values we must not forget
  • Artistic and Cultural Exchange in an Interconnected World

The Deadline for Submission is 10th November 2023.

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