Within the framework of European Heritage Day 2019 and in cooperation with the portal "Roditelji.me", the Faculty of Visual Arts is organizing a workshop "Lumen Herbarium", which will be held at the Petrović Castle on Saturday, September 28 at 12h.
We invite all interested participants from 9 to 19 years old to apply at the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by September 16 at the latest, with the subject of the e-mail "Registration to the Lumen Herbarium Workshop" and a brief explanation of why they applied to the workshop.

The project aims to revive the art of photography through entertainment on the stage of an amphitheater in Kruševac Park. Participants ages 9 to 19 will be given a very creative task - to make a Lumen Herbarium. What is a Lumen print? Lumen shooting takes us back to the beginnings of camera-free photography in the 1830s, when William Henry Fox Talbot made his "photogenic drawings." He placed the leaves on sensitized paper and exposed it to the sun. In doing so, he created a negative print or photogram from which positives can be made.

The idea is for the participants to pick up as many different varieties of leaves, plants, roots or grasses as possible on site, and then each participant turn the sort into a lumen print. Eventually, all samples will be collected and assembled into one common, tangible lumen herbarium, which will subsequently be converted to digital form. Attendees will be given a brief lecture on the lumen photographic process as well as the varieties of plants that are being collected. In this way, the trainees will not only create, but through fun and education, adopt and master new creative processes, which, not coincidentally, take place on the grand stage of the King's Park.

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