TEACHING IS CARRIED OUT BY THE VALID SCHEDULE, with the necessary deviation from the scope and content of the same. Next week, you are required to attend all online classes, which will start on schedule but will last up to 40 minutes.

Teachers are obliged to explain to you the method and forms of assessment in the given circumstances (each individually, because each area and teacher have their own ways and needs). Also, teachers will instruct you in all additional details of work and communication (consultations, literature, colloquiums, tests, seminars, practical work, tutorials, exercises, essays, ...).

Instructions for using the ZOOM application can be found here (Thank you FITs!), So familiarize yourself with them. It may be useful to practice using private meetings amongst yourselves through private meetings, so that you are more prepared for next and next weeks meetings. The use is easy and very intuitive.

Recommendation: The ZOOM application is easy to install on computers and phones, but for convenience of work and monitoring, I strongly recommend using it from a computer.

Schedule of classes at ZOOM:

I year

II year

III year

Justification for absence

Absence from online teaching will be tolerated as with regular teaching - therefore, only in duly justified cases. The given situation certainly complicates the situation for all of us. It affects us differently, both materially and spiritually. Therefore, be free to warn us about obstacles that objectively prevent you from attending distance learning and / or some form of creative work and learning.



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