Here you can read the notice from Prof. Savo Marković, PhD, Rector of "Mediterranean" University Podgorica:

Dear Students,

It is with great pride and gratitude that I wish you all a warm welcome to the University “Mediterranean” (Mediteran) Podgorica, for the Academic Year of 2023-24. I truly believe that you will be the best generation of students who shall prove worthy of this responsibility, thus making a strong contribution to the development of a better future for our country. I am pleased to have you as members of our Academic Community and I am positive that you shall soon personally be proud of being its members. 

Our goal is to provide you with an interdisciplinary Higher, University degree education that shall meet your expectations, not only in terms of acquiring knowledge and competencies, but also in terms of providing you with multiple future business opportunities. As we all know very well, the goal of taking this academic path is not only limited to acquiring a formal academic degree; acquiring academic competencies in terms of developing cognitive knowledge, skills, attitudes and opinions, shaping your own personal character and personality development as a whole are equally important. In line with all the aforementioned, I am positive that the academic staff of the University “Mediterranean” Podgorica, who have for the past eighteen years educated, trained and formed professionals at the academic level in the areas of Law, Economics, Tourism, Information Technologies, Foreign Languages and Arts, thus for generations contributing to the development of our society by making our students an integral part of the state and local institutions, NGO and creative sectors, represent the exactly right address for acquiring necessary knowledge.   

Being the first private Higher Education Institution in our country, our University is quite often required to stand at the forefront of the private education sector and thus prove its quality, as opposed to some deeply rooted and inherited practices of the past times. Apart from the fact that the most successful world Universities are private ones, the successful individuals coming from the “Mediterranean” University, international awards received, and significant European partnerships that we have established prove that both the culture of learning and behavioral culture that we cherish represent the future of education.

On behalf of the Academic Community, I wish you all a lot of success in your studies, safety, and good health and I sincerely hope that this new course that you have taken on the path of knowledge and education at the University “Mediterranean” Podgorica shall prove to be the turning point in your future careers.

I wish you the best of luck, dear young people!


Prof. dr Savo Marković, Rector

The “Mediterranean” University, Podgoric

18. 09. 2023.


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