Nikola Mijović 

Nikola Mijović is a film director, whose first feature film - as co-director, co-writer, and co-producer - 'Borders. Raindrops' (2018), has been screened at more than twenty international film festivals, including Sarajevo, Montreal, Cottbus, Goteborg and Bergamo, winning a number of awards. He has also directed several short films and is currently in the process of developing his second feature, with support from Film Centre Montenegro. In his approach to film practice, Nikola combines fiction with ethnographic detail; his work is driven by social issues and an interest in marginalized or under-represented groups. In addition to this, he has conducted research in the field of film studies, with a specific focus on national and international cinemas; Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav film; film, fashion, consumption, and digital media.

Prof Jelena Drobac, D.A 

Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts, a graphic design major. She received a Doctor of Arts degree at the Interdisciplinary Art Studies, University of Arts in Belgrade in the field of Digital Arts. She is a professor at the Academy of Applied Technical Studies Belgrade and Head of the Design Department. She has been active on the design scene for nearly 20 years in the field of identity, typography and packaging. Participating in over 50 group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, her works have been published in more than 50 design publications worldwide. She won more than 20 graphic design awards in France, Germany, the USA, Russia, Slovenia, and Serbia. Member of The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia.

Prof Predrag Maksic, PhD, 

Predrag Maksic graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts, the Department of Interior Architecture, and gained a master's degree program at Washington State University. He received Ph.D. at the University of Art in Belgrade in the field of Theory of Art and Media. As a designer at the Pilasto Design Studio, he has worked on more than 150 interior design projects in Serbia and abroad. He is a professor of vocational studies at the Academy of Applied Technical Studies Belgrade, and the head of the Section of Belgrade Polytechnic. Maksic is a co‐author of more than 35 journal papers and publications in international conference proceedings. He has exhibited in more than 40 solo and group exhibitions. Maksic is a member of The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia

Tatjana Ažman

Tatjana Ažman graduated from the Ljubljana Academy for Theater, Radio, Film, and Television. Since 1995 she is an in-house dramaturge of the SNT Opera and ballet Ljubljana and since 2015 an acclaimed dramaturge, among other recipients of the Ivy Wreath Award for international artistic contribution (2011, Association of Dramatic Artists of Slovenia) and awarded playwright at International Analogio Playwright Festival – Crossing Borders (2022, Athens).

She works with numerous home and international theatre and opera directors, choreographers, composers, and conductors (more than 40 stagings of opera, dance, and drama). She was an editor of 130 theatre publications and has created stage adaptations, plays, screenplays, research, essays, and written contributions. She curated or was a part of international expert juries, workshops, masterclasses, round tables, and symposia - in different countries across the Globe.

Tatjana was an Artistic Board vice president at the Maribor Theatre Festival, a Board member at Cankarjev dom Ljubljana and an Expert Group member for NGOs at Ljubljana Municipality, is active in the International Theatre Institute as a leader of the Slovenian Centre and EC member, iSTAN network Board (Beijing, China) and World Performing Arts Capital Taskforce member (ITI and UNESCO); she is a president of the Artistic Board at Mladinsko Theatre Ljubljana, EC member at the Dramatic Artists Association of Slovenia and a Board member of Jernej Šugman Foundation.



Đorđe Matić

Đorđe Matić is a poet, storyteller, essayist, and critic. Apart from Croatia, he also lived in Italy and the Netherlands. He studied English and Italian literature in Amsterdam.

He is the author of poetry collections: "Lingua franca" (2013), "Haarlem Nocturne" (in Dutch 2016), "The Second Sound" (2021), "Encoded, biography - new and selected poems" (2022), books an essay on music, "The Secret Life of Songs - Croatian Popular Music of the Nineties" (2014) and "Secret Connections" (2017), and a collection of essays on Serbian culture, "History and Contemporary" (2018).

In 2020, two books of his essays were published: in French, "Visage du silence - Faces of silence" and in Serbian, "Shadows of our ancestors: torn from oblivion” -“Senke naših predaka: otrgnuto od zaborava".He is the author of the novel "Niotkuda s ljubavlju" (2021). He is the editor and co-author of the Lexicon of "YU Mythology" (2004) and co-author (with Merima Ključo) of the trilingual music manual "Eastern European Folk Tunes" (2009). He edited more publicist books, as well as several works from the field of historical sciences.

He is a translator from and into English, Italian and Dutch. He collaborated on several albums of ethno music and led the music group Gađo Orchestra in the Netherlands, in which he sang and played percussion. He is a member of the Zagreb magazine Prosvjeta and a contributor to the Oko Radio-television portal of Serbia. He is a member of the Croatian Society of Writers and the Serbian Cultural Society Prosvjeta.


Anina Jendreyko

Anina Jendreyko was born in Germany, grew up in Switzerland, and studied acting in Berlin at the University of the Arts. This was followed by engagements in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Zurich, among other places. She has been a freelance actress, director, and lecturer since the 1990s. For many years she has worked from an intercultural self-understanding.She lived and worked in Turkey and Greece for several years.  She has worked regularly in the Middle East for many years, teaching locally, realizing theatre projects, and translating for human rights delegations. She has written several plays over the last 20 years, including plays for young people - some of her theatre works have won international awards, for example at the theatre festival in Jordan and in London. In addition to the large theatre productions, she has developed various transdisciplinary formats that have regional, national and international significance, such as discussion events, readings, exhibitions, the Kurdistan Cultural Bridge, cinema evenings, and mentoring. Her theatre pieces and other forms of artistic interventions are based on intensive research in collaboration with photography and video.


Andrija Mirović, MNE

Andrija Mirović graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade in 2021 and during his studies, he was awarded as one of the best students at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, when he was an active member of the "Forum Romanum" club of legal history enthusiasts. In cooperation with Professor of Roman Law, Žiko Bujuklić, Andrija participated in several scientific discussions in the field of Roman Law, and with Professor Simo Avramović in the field of General Legal History. He is a master's student at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade in the History of the State and Law module. He speaks and reads English, and his great desire is to learn Italian and Greek in the near future. He also graduated from primary music school, and once won third place in the piano category at a competition of young participants. 

Francesco Spera

Francesco Spera is currently a Ph.D. in European and International Law at Unisalento. His expertise covers the field of EU institutional law, EU constitutional law, EU Environmental Law, and EU external relation law.

Francesco collaborates with Italian local entities and public administration in order to implement the EU Recover and Resilient Plans.

He has obtained an LLM in European Law at Maastricht University and the Luiss University of Rome. He has been working for European institutions and law firms and he was and still is part of some EU-funded projects.He was admitted to the Bari Lawyer Association and he is a judge arbitrator.

Vanja Drljević

Vanja Drljević started her career in 2001, working in the Agency for International Scientific, Educational and Cultural Cooperation responsible for EU programs in education, Council of Europe projects, UNESCO and the Stability Pact. Throughout this period, she was also engaged at the Institute of Foreign Languages as a collaborator. As of 2003, she worked in the Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education, responsible for the Tempus program. During her work in the Ministry, she was head of ENIC, a center dealing with the recognition of diplomas and foreign qualifications. Currently, she is working as the head of the National Erasmus + Office, since its establishment in Montenegro, the biggest EU program for the field of education. During this period, she worked on the improvement of the positioning of Montenegrin higher education institutions in using EU funds, raising the capacities of HEIs to absorb the funds, through organizing workshops and training for teaching and administrative staff, taking part in priority settings, following up and monitoring of Erasmus + projects, initiating discussions on important topics of interest for the higher education sector in Montenegro.  

She took part in a research-based study on the impact the program has achieved, as is the case with the research study publication “The impact of International Credit Mobility on the students of Montenegro” 2019, as well as “CBHE National Impact Study for Montenegro” 2020, and took an active part in numerous studies during Tempus and Erasmus + phase, such as the impact of Tempus in Montenegro, Student Mobility in the WB region. She initiated the creation of publications for the HERE team. She was a speaker at WB ministerial meetings, as well as a speaker at various national, regional, and international events.

Vanja took an active part in Subcommittee meetings of the European Union – Montenegro with respect to the Montenegrin accession to the EU, negotiation chapter 26. She was a member of various WGs in charge of drafting laws and strategies in the field of education. She was subject to a series of training related to project management, financial management, and recognition of diplomas, diploma mills, internationalization of higher education, and many others related to the actual developments in higher education in Europe and wider.

Vanja graduated from the ENA school “Conduire le Changement dans l’Administration - Ecole National d’Adminstration) in Paris. She has been the initiator of many different initiatives relevant to the context of higher education development. She speaks English, Italian and French, and possesses a basic knowledge of German.


Prof. Tatjana Srceva - Pavlovska

Prof. Tatjana Srceva-Pavlovska is an Associate Professor of English at the AUE- FON University in Skopje, North Macedonia. She teaches several undergraduate courses, including American and British literature and civilization, Intercultural Communication, as well as a graduate course in Feminist theory and criticism. Her main research interest is within the field of literary criticism, abortion rights, and gender studies as well as the presentation of female madness in literature, and she has published several books and many research papers on these topics. Prof. Srceva-Pavlovska is an alumna of the USA Department of State's SUSI Program at the Institute of Contemporary American Literature. She has been an expert consultant and a curricula developer for primary and secondary education for the Bureau of Educational Development. She is part of the Editorial Board of the Macedonian American Alumni Association's Newsletter and is an experienced literary translator.

Radmila Janičić

Radmila Janičić, Ph.D. is a professor of Marketing and Public Relations at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences. Radmila Janičić is a visiting professor at the University Mediterranean, Montenegro Business School. The main topics she teaches are Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Marketing in Arts and Culture, and Media Communication. She is the author of numerous books and scientific papers for international conferences and professional journals. She is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal for Literature and Arts. She is a member of the International Management Teachers Academy at Bled Business School and Manchester Business School. She is a member of the American Marketing Association. She is a member of the international organization The House of Beautiful Business. She has organized seminars in the field of Marketing in Arts and Culture. She is a member of the Serbian Marketing Association. Professor Radmila Janičić is a member of the Athens Institute for Education and Research, Atiner

Milena Dragutinović

Milena Dragutinović is an Italian language teacher and Senior Lector at  the University "Mediterranean" Podgorica, Montenegro, engaged in lectures and seminars for undergraduate and graduate or specialist study programs and other forms of pedagogic activities. He adapts his teaching to the age, character, and needs of the participants with a special emphasis on the development of the communicative competencies of the participants, along with the equal development of other language competencies (reading, writing, grammar). She is involved in professional development and participation in national and international expert meetings, seminars, and conferences concentrated mainly on issues of Second Language Acquisition. She was involved in the realization of several international projects and the latest one named REFLAME - Reforming Foreign Languages in Academia in Montenegro and she is co-authoring a textbook-in-progress named English For Visual Arts.


Aleksandra Govedarica, MNE

Aleksandra Govedarica is a specialist in tourism management. She is a holder of a bachelor's degree and a specialization in tourism at the Faculty of Tourism, the University "Mediterranean" Podgorica with an average of 10.00 (A). She is currently finishing her master's studies in tourism. She is fluent in English and French but also is learning Italian and Spanish. She obtained a degree in English, level C1.2 from the Institute of Foreign Languages, a DELF B2 diploma in French, and a CELI 2 B1 diploma in Italian. She is an active participant in numerous seminars, conferences, and courses, but also workshops in various fields.

Aleksandra has one year of journalistic experience on two portals – Makanje. me and Pozornica.me and two years of experience as an assistant project manager on the IPA project.

She has completed the Training Program in the Agency for Digital Marketing – Ai Solution. She possesses digital skills and engages in volunteer work. Aleksandra is passionate about foreign languages, theatre, and writing.

 Đorđina Janković, MNE

Đorđina Janković graduated from the Faculty of Tourism, course Tourism Management, at the University "Mediterranean"  Bar in 2013 and completed her Specialist studies at the Faculty of Tourism, University of Montenegro, where she continued with her master's studies and work on the topic "Travel writing in the function of tourism valorization of the cultural and historical heritage of the Skadar Lake National Park". In addition to conducting exercises at the Faculty of Tourism, University "Mediterranean" Podgorica, she participated in the work of the commission for the presentation of the Final and Specialist thesis. She has been participating in the work of the Marketing commission at the same institution since 2021. Furthermore, with her creation of texts for the website of the National Tourist Organization, her copywriting engagement also began. The field of her scientific and research work is in various aspects of research in the field of tourism. She participated in national and international congresses, workshops, and seminars here and abroad.