Suzanne Schaefer, Assistant Public Affairs Officer, Embassy of the United States of America

Suzanne Schaefer joined the Foreign Service in July of 2021 as a Public Diplomacy Officer and arrived at Embassy Podgorica as the Assistant Public Affairs Officer in July 2022. Prior to joining the State Department, Suzanne worked at several nonprofit organizations in the Washington, DC area before joining the Brookings Institution, where she spent four years managing communications and public affairs for the Foreign Policy program. Suzanne holds a B.A. in political science from Indiana University. She speaks Spanish, French, and is learning Serbo-Croatian.

15h15 ONLINE SESSION 1 IN ENGLISH - The role of artistic expression and artistic results in the promotion of the country's culture

  • Title 1: I am Cuba: Revolutionary Aesthetics and the Politics of Transnational Cinema, Nikola Mijović, Film director & Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Historical Studies at University of the Arts London, UK
  • Title 2: Cultural Diplomacy – Case study of recent Hungarian-Serbian cultural relations, prof. Jelena Drobac, D.A & prof. Predrag Maksić, PhD, Academy of Applied Technical Studies Belgrade, SRB
  • Title 3: Beyond the Cultural Imperialism, Tatjana Ažman, Dramaturge, Head of the Slovenian Centre ITI and member of the Executive Council ITI Worldwide, Ljubljana, SLO


11h30 ONLINE SESSION 2: Between the East & the West - – the problem of understanding the artists of the former Yugoslavia abroad / Ni na istok ni na zapad – problem razumijevanja umjetnika bivše Jugoslavije u inostranstvu, Đorđe Matić, pjesnik, pripovjedač, esejista i kritičar /poet, essayist and critic

(razgovor će se voditi na Cg/Srb/BH/Hr jeziku)

12H15: ONLINE SESSION 3 IN ENGLISH: Rethinking culture through historical context: art in times of crisis

  • Title 1: Making history visible, Anina Jendreyko, Actress, Director and Lecturer, Centre of ITI, Switzerland
  • Title 2: The alphabet: the tool for communication or conflict, Nikola Latković, professor & graphic designer, Faculty of Visual Arts, University „Mediterranean“ Podgorica, MNE

13h15 ONLINE SESSION 4 IN ENGLISH: Small countries vs. big: soft power in modern times

  • Title 1: Cultural Diplomacy between Montenegro & Italy: Jelena of Montenegro, Andrija Mirovic, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University “Mediterranean” Podgorica MNE
  • Title 2: The promotion of EU values through cultural initiatives under the EU Neighborhood Policy and the use of soft law, Francesco Spera, PhD candidate at and International Law at the Unisalento, Lecce IT
  • Title 3: Erasmus+ as a means of Cultural Diplomacy, Vanja Drljević, Head of National Erasmus+ Office, MNE

15h00 ONLINE SESSION 5 IN ENGLISH: The role of artistic expression and artistic results in the promotion of the country's culture

  • Title 1: Visualization of the politics of tolerance: women's non-verbal message in the "Edificio de Mujeres" Women's building mural in San Francisco, Prof. Tatjana Srceva - Pavlovska, Associate Professor of English, AUE - FON, Skopje, Macedonia
  • Title 2: Theoretical and practical aspect of the role of art experiences in promoting country cultures, Prof. Radmila Janičić, PhD, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, SRB
  • Title 3: ReFLAME Your English for Visual Arts – textbook presentation, Milena Dragutinović, Italian language teacher & Senior Lector, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University „Mediterranean“Podgorica, MNE

16h15 ONLINE SESSION 6 IN MONTENEGRIN /RAZGOVOR NA CRNOGORSKOM JEZIKU: The use of art in the promotion of peace and stability in accordance with the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030

  • Title 1: Održivi kulturni turizam i turističke destinacije / Sustainable cultural tourism of the tourist destination, Aleksandra Govedarica, MA, Faculty of Tourism, University “Mediterranean” Podgorica, MNE
  • Title 2: Putopis o Crnoj Gori u funkciji savremene kulture putovanja / Travel book about Montenegro as a function of contemporary travel coulture, Đorđina Janković, Lecturer at the Faculty of Tourism University “Mediterranean” Podgorica, MNE